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Ms. Lilian Trevithick, lady adventurer and radical steam technician, has come to the infamous Necropolis of Ao in search of adventure and the treasures that are rumored to lurk beneath the earth.  She will find fiendish traps as well as useful equipment to help her survive.  Can she make it past level 25 with her life intact?

This is Gregory Avery-Weir's first Flash game, released in 2008, now available as a downloadable projector for the first time.

If you donate at least $5, you can download full source code and resources for the game. If you're interested in the source for more than one game, check out my Flash Source Code Collection.

Necropolis features procedurally generated dungeons that are never the same twice and a light-hearted steampunk aesthetic. Few games offer the opportunity to wear a Shiny Monocle of Science!
  • Arrow Keys: Move about the tomb, open a chest, flip a lever.
  • Z: Use up one of your disposable tools to disable a trap.
  • X: Drink a patented health tonic.
Traps permeate this dank underworld. They can be hard to see. The better your Detect statistic, the more clearly you will see traps. If you trigger a trap, you may take damage or suffer other disadvantages. The higher your Dodge statistic, the more likely you are to avoid harm. The deeper you go, the harder the traps become.
You can use a patented health tonic to restore three health points, or a disposable tool to disable a trap. You can only use this on a trap which is in front of you. The better your Disable statistic, the more likely you are to succeed and avoid injury.
On each level, find the lever to open the stairs further down. Each level also contains one large chest containing equipment that may increase your statistics, as well as multiple smaller chests containing gold and useful tools.
Collect as much gold as you can and survive past level 25!

Source code is provided without warranty. It's also a super rough novice project, so it may be rife with errors and bad style.


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